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Sarah Boland, Summer 2015 donor & alumni relations intern
Undergraduate physics & chemistry student, University of North Carolina at Chapel HillSarah Boland - Summer 2015 intern

I had the unique opportunity to network with Prevention Partners donors and intern alumni during my internship. Probably the highlight of my summer was when I traveled with the organization’s CEO and a couple other staff members to spend an evening in Charlotte, North Carolina, reconnecting with past Prevention Partners interns over dinner. We heard from incoming board member about his experiences as Stroke & Neurosciences Director at a local hospital and another intern alum about to begin a PhD program in health communications.  They explained to me this internship is not something to be taken for granted; it will shape you in ways you didn’t even anticipate. These intern alumni, and others like them, have gone on to change population health. I, too, feel better equipped for a career in medicine after interning with Prevention Partners. What else can you ask of an internship?

Needless to say, it is hard to truly capture the significance of my time at Prevention Partners. But, if I were to describe it in one word, it would be: family. Prevention Partners has welcomed me with open arms and never doubted for a minute that I was less qualified because I was a physics major instead of public health. Like a family, they nurtured the qualities they saw in me and made me a stronger person. Through independent and group projects I was able cultivate the skills of communication, graphic design, writing, and analytical thinking. My supervisors supported my ideas and provided feedback when they could be improved. At Prevention Partners you can have an autonomous yet supportive experience– something you won’t find elsewhere.