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What Our Interns Say

Anika Hannan, Fall 2015 – Summer 2016 strategic planning internAnika Hannan
Undergraduate student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

When I accepted my internship, I wasn’t sure I had the experience and skills working with strategic planning to the extent that the internship required. Through the support and patience of my supervisors, I was able to not only learn about strategic planning and the project I was assigned to, but also build and improve on skills I never thought I’d gain. I felt that I was truly making a difference in the project with my supervisors’ praise and consideration of my opinions and ideas.

From Prevention Partners, I learned how simple it can be to live a healthier life. The constant invites to participate in exercise videos, weekly emails about healthier eating tips, and office wide challenges that made living healthier a game instead of a chore were integral for changing my views on healthy behaviors. Thank you Prevention Partners, for raising the bar and positively changing my expectations.

Robin Conklin, Spring 2014 tobacco cessation and research intern
Graduate student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing

My time spent at Prevention Partners has proven to be invaluable. While working on projects for the Tobacco Cessation team, I participated in grant writing, coordinated and attended meetings with hospital leadership regarding their tobacco cessation programs, and further developed my research and writing skills. As Prevention Partners’ first nursing student intern, I was exposed to the field of public health in a way that will greatly enhance my skills as a nurse and patient advocate. The connection between health prevention and nursing cannot be understated. This internship has provided me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to bridge that connection through my nursing practice.

Tucker Jones, Summer 2013 tobacco cessation and research internTucker Jones Prevention Partners intern
Undergraduate student, Princeton University

During my internship at Prevention Partners, I worked largely with tobacco cessation efforts, specifically with the Patient Quit-Tobacco System. I provided suggestions for its improvement, wrote up reviews for the tools in the toolbox and improved search functionality, and authored blog posts and tools related to tobacco cessation. I also had the opportunity to visit Raleigh to lobby the NC General Assembly for more funding for our state’s Quitline. I also helped plan and began to invite participants to Prevention Partners’ first ever Employer Roundtable on Prevention. I had no experience in public health before I began this internship, and now I know more about tobacco cessation than I ever would have thought, as well as how an effective non-profit is run. My writing also improved from all the practice I got. Most importantly, I had a great time with the folks working at Prevention Partners and the other interns.