WorkHealthy Virginia


The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA) launched the WorkHealthy Virginia initiative in 2013 in collaboration with Prevention Partners. WorkHealthy Virginia was a statewide initiative designed to support VHHA members’ efforts to create a worksite culture of health and improve employee health while reducing health care costs.

The aggregate data collected from participating hospitals using WorkHealthy America allowed VHHA to benchmark progress toward VHHA’s Board of Directors’ vision of making Virginia the healthiest state in the nation and to recognize and celebrate member successes.

The WorkHealthy Virginia campaign was successful in engaging 18 hospitals total, reaching 44,551 employees. Among many Gold Apple, Medal, and Star recognitions that are awarded for meeting that highest standards in providing a healthy food environment, promotion of physical activity, and provision of a tobacco- free environment, the Valley Health System earned Excellence Recognition. This award signals that and organization has achieved the highest standard in building a healthy workplace. Not only did the hospitals within this system reach this accomplishment, they were also the first complete hospital system level hospital to do so for all their sites.

Scroll down for final participation maps recognizing progress and achievement in improving nutrition environments, increasing physical activity opportunities, and creating tobacco-free environments and cessation programs for employees.


Prevention Partners:
Taylor Pritchard, Strategic Coaching Senior Coordinator

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